Electric Starlight Novelty Motorcycle Helmet

Dealer Leather

$ 39.99 


Light up the road in our Electric Starlight flat black novelty helmet that features a cool purple air-brushed tribal design that runs the length of the helmet. The soft padded lining and nylon Y-strap with alligator quick-releases adjust quickly and easily to keep you comfortable and relaxed while on the road. Bright, polished metal rivets fasten the Y-straps to the fiberglass shell for that extra chrome look. Order yours today but remember, novelty helmets do not meet D.O.T. standards.

  • Featuring purple tribal art design front to back
  • Adjustable alligator quick release with padded chin strap
  • Padded lining for comfortable riding
  • Steel rivets secure Y-strap to shell
  • Nylon Y-strap retention system
  • Does NOT meet D.O.T. standards
  • Flat black fiberglass shell